Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary range of in-line and right angle gearboxes with ratios from 3:1 up to 20,000:1 due to its modular design.  Output torque range from 500Nm up to 1.5Million Nm . Output versions include keyed shaft/splined shaft/hollow shaft mounted and foot mounted.

Inputs can accommodate direct mount of electric/hydraulic and pneumatic motors. Accessories like brakes, drive flanges and shrink disc couplings can also be supplied. GSM Power Transmissions UK Ltd hold a large amount of stock of sub-assemblies to build into your requirements.

Bevel/Parallel Helical Gearboxes

Bevel and Parallel Helical Gearbox ranges from 1.15:1 to 2,200:1 ratios , mechanical powers from fractional to 1,100Kw. The range offers solid keyed output shafts, splined shafts,hollow bore and hollow bore with shrink disc coupling. The inputs can accommodate electric ,, hydraulic and pneumatic motors. We can also provide bespoke /unique design to replace obsolete gearboxes with the same critical dimensions. Accessories include back stop devices, brakes and barring drives.

We also supply a range of Planetary helical and bevel planetary helical gearboxes for more compact high ratio options.