The innovative Planetary gearbox range provides a range of flexible options including:

In-line, Right-angle, Flange ,foot  and shaft mounted planetary gearboxes from an output torque of 1,000Nm to 150,000Nm. Ratios available are from 3:1 up to 15,000:1 because of its modular design arrangement. This is a high efficiency gear technology with finished ground gearing for quieter  running , compactness, low maintenance and long life expectancy.

Typical applications include water treatment drives where slow speed ,high torque applications are common-place or high speed applications where there are high shaft loadings which can be easily dealt with by the double taper roller bearing arrangement on the output shaft which can withstand much higher overhung and thrust loads than conventional gearboxes .

Replacing obsolete gearboxes like Varatio and Sanderson Helio-centric  in water treatment works is common place with simple designed fabrications which allow a retro-fit solution.

Planetary gearboxes are also widely used in off-shore marine and oil drilling platforms because of their compactness, resilience to wear and high torque capabilities. Gearboxes can be driven by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motors with ease –simply assembling the gearbox with the right input adaptation.

The GSM Power Transmissions UK Ltd offers ATEX compliant gearboxes for those hazardous environment applications.

Planetary gearboxes are also used in the quarrying, mining and material handling sectors where harduous conditions and reliability are paramount requirements.

The flexibility of the range ensures a planetary solution in most market sectors. Planetary gearboxes are currently being tested in the renewable energy sector on applications such as wind, tidal and current because of their high efficiencies, bi-directional drive properties and the ability to back-drive and hence be used as a speed increaser.

GSM Power Transmissions UK Ltd offers a very wide range of output torque sizes and variations together with many years of experience within this gear technology. For an  extensive  application  knowledge and  enjoyable experience – give Jon at GSM Power Transmissions UK Ltd a call.